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What I Offer


Just so you know, I do more than weddings...

All the strings that bind us... 

Ceremonies include 

  • Ceremony scripting and plan

  • Travel within metropolitan Sydney

  • PA System

  • Legal marriage certificate

Strumming Heartstrings


A tailored marriage ceremony with a bespoke script, all legal requirements, marriage registration and one rehearsal.

Re-String Your Bow


A tailored Vow Renewal ceremony to honour your ongoing promises. 

How Long is a Piece of String?


A sombre and respectful funeral or memorial.

A Single Thread


A simple marriage ceremony with all the legal essentials.

Thread the Needle


A tailored commitment ceremony with all the sparkle and none of the stuffy legalities. 

Ball of Yarn


A cutie pet ceremony! Adoption days, birthdays, maybe even a bonding ceremony? And, of course, a memorial to honour the stamp they left on your life.

Legal marriage certificates

At cost

Legal and commemorative marriage certificates from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Additional Rehearsal


An additional rehearsal, should you require it.

Acoustic Processional and Exit Song 

Ron can strum a heartfelt acoustic tune from a set list of songs while you enter and as you exit. 
*Cannot be in conjunction with Pet Escort 

Pet escort 


Ron can walk your beloved pet(s) down the aisle and mind them during the ceremony.
*Cannot be in conjunction with Acoustic Processional and Exit Song


Travel is free within Greater Sydney

$25 per 25km outside of Greater Sydney. 



A simple livestream of your ceremony.

Extra touches 

I actually cried when I read it 😭😭😭😭 thank you soooo much

Asa, when she got the first draft of the Script

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