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All About Me

I am a silly, goofy romantic. 

I read Mills & Boon novels, I binge Austen movie adaptations, I cherish my friendships, and I love hearing every little detail about how people choose to love and care for one another.


As a marriage celebrant, I want to take your story and create a narrative that invites your friends and family to fall in love with you as a couple the way you fell in love with each other. I want everyone to walk away feeling the warm and fuzzies, and I want my words to to complement and underscore the vows you make to one another.

More generally, I believe every single friendship and connection we build in our lives, however deep or fleeting, is worth remarking on. I want to hear about it, and I want to help you celebrate it. As a baby celebrant, I have a wishlist of ceremonies I'd love to preside over!

  • Pet pawty

  • Jane Austen-themed celebration

  • A happy divorce

  • Vow renewal for a couple married for at least 25 years

  • Solemnise a marriage for a couple who have been divorced

  • An elopement

  • My fiftieth ceremony.

There's another key character in the Invisible String Celebration story - Ron. He is my muse, my inspiration, my best friend. He loves animals even more than I do, and he is a sparkling example of a good person. He also happens to be my tech guy, extra set of hands, and a very trusty problem solver. If you so choose, he can escort your furbaby, strum a heartfelt tune as you proceed up the aisle and even livestream your ceremony (not all at the same time - he's good, but he's not Godly).


So, let's have a cute chat about what Ron and I can do for you!

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